Shadow Group is a Sydney, New South Wales, Australia based company providing online analysis, web design, web development, web hosting and internet marketing services like SEO (Search Engine optimisation), and Social Media Marketing.

Our website design and web development is a thorough professional work to give your business an online presence in the form of an attractive and usable website. With expertise in creating web design based on content management system (CMS), e-Commerce through leading e-commerce website engine as well as facilitating the commercial transactions through integration of PayPal and payment gateways like eWay, we aim to give you an effective website capable of generating revenue.

We also understand the need of the businesses to market their offerings online using the websites. To meet this end, we provide a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing services as well as take special care to make websites that are SEO friendly utilising latest knowledge, right from the outset.

You are welcome to have a look at our web design portfolio and explore our wide range of services. Do drop in a mail to us at or call us at 0421 319 782 with all your queries.

Website Design

1At Shadow Group we have been analysing, designing, developing and delivering websites to a wide cross-section of clients since 1997.

Domain Registration

2Every website needs an address and we can recommend and register the best domain or domains for your business.

Website Hosting

3As well as having an address your website will need somewhere to live, this is the web hosting where the website with all the text, pictures, coded pages and database are located to allow everyone to find and see them.

Marketing SEO

4During the creation stage we recommend SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies using keywords and phrases, but you will also need to consider what happens once the website is live to keep it high up on the search results for people to find you.


We sit down with you to analyse what you want and what you need when putting your business online.

Smart Ideas

We bring together the latest in technology so that creating and maintaining your website is a joy to do.


By utilising years of experience we have a large resource to draw from and this can save massive development time.


To get your website found in the search engines we use best of breed technology and some easy-to-use concepts that we have 12 year old students enhancing their parents websites.